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Open Gym at CrossFit Indestri

CrossFit Indestri is a coach led facility.  We have a staff of expert coaches, we want all our members and visitors to benefit from them.  We encourage all our members and guest to join on of our regularly scheduled classes.  However we do offer some open gym times.

What is Open Gym?

Open gym is a time we’ve set aside outside of our regular class times for you to do whatever you would like (within reason of course) at CrossFit Indestri.  Some examples of what you might do at open gym:
– Work on Olympic lifting
– Work on Gymnastics skills
– Do the daily WOD
– Mobility / ROMWOD
However open gym is not coached.  There will always be someone around the gym during open gym times to ensure safety, but any coaches present will be busy with other duties around the gym.
When can I come in for open gym?
Open gym times are listed on the schedule on the website.  You’re welcome to come in anytime during those scheduled times.  Any athlete training during open gym, must wrap up their workout 10 mins prior to the class starting and have their equipment put away.
Who can use open gym?
We require you to be doing CrossFit with us for a minimum of 3 months prior to coming in to use open gym.
Community is important to us at CrossFit Indestri which is why we do not offer and “Open Gym” membership, while we have open gym times, we ask that our members attend a minimum of 2 class per week.
What is the cost?
Currently, anyone who has been at CrossFit Indestri for a minimum of 3 months and has an Unlimited Membership already has an open gym membership included.
If you have a 10 class pass, you’re also welcome to come to open gym as well.
Each visit to will be deducted from your 10 pass.
Drop-ins are only permitted with prior permission, and will generally not be allowed without evidence or prior experience.
Am I able to use open gym during scheduled class times?
Open gym is only for non scheduled class times.  However, there are some times when we are more lenient on this
as there are some times when the small gym is open at the same time as a scheduled class.  That being said; feedback from athletes and coaches has indicated that having athletes working on skills or doing WODs during
scheduled class times is distracting and takes away from the community atmosphere that we have at the gym.
Please keep this mind if you’re attending open gym during a scheduled class time, when the small gym is open.
Please respect the class, do not drop weights, use the assault bikes, or anything that will make noise, esp. when a coach is coaching a class and please remember the class comes first for any use of the equipment.
Small Group training during class time is not permitted.  Nor is individual Met Con WODs.  If you are looking to do any small group training sessions, or met con WODs outside of regular class times this must be done during the approx. 5 1/2 hours of open gym time when classes are not scheduled in the gym.
**Small Group training would be considered to be two or more athletes training together.