Terrence Pettit


Terrence’s athletic background is varied and crosses broad model domains. He has played competitively: fast-pitch baseball as a pitcher, Volleyball, Track & Field (400m/ High Jump), Cross Country and Soccer and participated recreationally in: Gymnastics, Rugby, Wrestling, Basketball, Kayaking, Swimming and Hockey. 

With background in the Arts, Terrence also has some training in ballet and street jazz dance forms. He has performed in hip hop dance companies in Toronto and is varsity alumni of Humber Hype.

 Terrence’s discovery of CrossFit in 2013 was the result of his desire to remain athletically inclined and he hasn’t looked back. Terrence is involved in the sport of CrossFit at the local level, Regionals, invitational and international games events. 

 Personable and enthusiastic, Terrence is able to connect with athletes of all levels, teaching technically movements with simplicity and motivating his athletes to pursue excellence in functional movement.

His passion for the sport of CrossFit, interest in human physiology and the desire for everyone to “move well” drives him in continuous learning of functional movement, nutrition and wellness.

• CrossFit Level 1 Trainer – 2014
• CrossFit Mobility – 2014
• CrossFit Level 2 Trainer – 2015 
• CrossFit Weightlifting 1 – 2015
• CrossFit Weightlifting 2 – 2016