Shannon Mathieson

Boot Camp Coach

   Shannon has enjoyed a lengthy career in fitness, coaching/teaching classes and doing Personal Training since 2004.  Her career grew from her love of training and wanting to share it with others.   Shannon has experience working in several facilities in the area as a Trainer, Coach, Instructor and Fitness Director.  She has consistently upgraded her knowledge and skills, attending the Fitness Leadership Program at Humber College as well as acquiring experience and over a dozen certifications in areas such as Kickboxing, Sport Movement, Functional Movement Screening, Exercise Prescription, Back Health, Kettle bell Training and Spinning, including time spent teaching Spin to the athletes at the National Ski Academy.

   Early in her career, Shannon was introduced to Olympic lifting, having the chance to be mentored by and coach under a World Class Athlete/Coach, soaking up as much information as she could.  She loved the explosive power it gave her.  When she came across CrossFit in 2009, it was a no brainer – she had to try it.  This came as a welcome change after beating her body down doing Physique Competition.  The camaraderie, coaching, intensity and community are what have kept her at it.

   Shannon is passionate about getting beginners hooked on not only the physical, but also the mental benefits of physical activity.  She has been running her Boot Camps for several years, combining CrossFit with her Personal training style.  Her main focus is to take the intimidation factor out of working out, for those who are just getting started, returning or just looking for some supportive girl power.

  CrossFit has helped Shannon improve in her favorite activities such as Skiing, Obstacle Racing, SUP, Yoga and in her Mountain Biking, whether Cross Country or her present love, Down Hill.  She wants to help others enjoy the same.