Scott Thornton
Coach Scott Thornton

Original Founder

I’ve been involved in sports my entire life. Hockey took over at a young age as my sport of choice. I’ve had the opportunity to play at the highest level in the NHL for over 18 years, as well as playing for Team Canada on 3 occasions.

Owning a Crossfit box has been more rewarding than I ever imagined. I’ve watched members progress in ways unimaginable. Losing over 100lbs, getting their first pullup, or deadlifting 500 lbs. These are things we see consistently in the gym. It is the strength of the members that get me excited to be at the gym.

I am a father of two wonderful kids, and therefore I am very passionate about our Indestri Kids program. We aspire to help these kids grow in both character and athletic ability.

As I get older and further from my competition days, I now challenge myself to become the best coach for my athletes. I spend countless hours researching movements, workouts, programs, all with the intention of creating the best product for Indestri members.

I know from experience what it takes to train like a pro. Now I want to show you how as well.