Sarah Reid


In 2013 I was sitting on my couch watching TV, checking my Facebook when I saw a message that a friend of a friend was opening a Crossfit box in my town.   I was a 39 year old woman looking at 200 pounds on the scale (okay it was 203 let’s not be picky) I didn’t have any business doing Crossfit, did I? I had been a full time Paramedic for 20 years and had watched many of my coworkers fall to poor health and back injuries; something in my life needed to change or the same fate awaited me.   I gathered up a few friends for courage and attended a free intro session.  I knew that day that this was something I was going to love doing for a very long time and it literally changed the path my life was headed. I recently took my first step into this coaching journey and achieved my Level 1 trainers’ certificate; I am looking forward to learning more and more every day. I am excited to begin coaching here at Indestri , what a great adventure!