Brit Holmberg



Originally being from Sudbury Ontario, I knew the city life was not for me. Over the years I found myself connecting with the small town folk of blue mountain/ Collingwood/ Wasaga and knew the lifestyle and pace was more for me. Indestri was always my favourite box to visit, and knew I wanted to settle in and coach there one day.
Aside from coaching daily WODS, I offer both personal training and nutritional guidance. I have been a personal trainer for 10 years, coaching CrossFit for 5 years, and have a passion for programming. I hold an Honours Bachelor Degree in Human Kinetics and hold my level 1 OLY-WOD cert, CrossFit Gymnastics, Freestyle movement, and CrossFit Mobility. I am a certified spin instructor, yoga and even dance.
I did competitive figure skating when I was young, and currently compete at an elite level in CrossFit. I went to the Games in 2011 and have qualified for regionals for 5 years consistently, programming for myself.
I have also experienced rock bottom and many injuries, which I feel make me a better/ smarter coach than just being known as a good athlete.

Occupation: Firefighter