Todd Greenning


Coach Todd is a 25 year plus serving member of the Canadian Armed Forces who through his career has deployed overseas three times and has earned military parachutist, mountain operations, and jungle survival qualifications. Coach Todd has always seen fitness a necessity within his day to day life but really found his true passion when he had the honour of receiving his first Crossfit Trainer certificate under the tutelage of Coach Glassman in 2007. For the next year Todd lead the way for implementation of the Crossfit methodology within his unit. In June 2013 Coach Todd attended his second Level 1 seminar and began coaching at Crossfit Indestri Beach. He has completed the Crossfit Strongman Trainer course and also holds a Tactical Athlete Trainer qualification through the military. Coach Todd is an avid Master Athlete and has taken part in the UG Series since its conception, is part of the Maters of Functional Fitness League, competed twice at the “Love the Snatch” event, and the Crossfit Open. Outside of Crossfit Coach Todd has completed 5 Military Ironman competition (placing 4 in 2014 for the master division), a variety of Obstacle course races (Tough Mudder, Met Con Blue, Warrior Dash) and the Army Run (1/2 Marathon). The biggest enjoyment for Coach Todd is when he sees a member final dial a movement in and the little smile that often appears that says, “I’ve got this”.